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ensuring sustainability

We Follow Eco-Friendly Practices For A Cleaner And Greener Earth

Proper handling of Diaper waste at Swara :
We at Swara ensure that all diaper waste is being sent for proper incineration to a cement company.
Using recyclable secondary packs:
Reduces consumption of paper and plastic, thus reduction in cutting trees. Also helps in optimization of Warehousing and transit space.
Continuous reduction of polymer use:
Through innovation in design, manufacturing, and material, we reduce the amount of polymer required to produce efficient diapers. 
Solar Energy :
Swara has already ordered Solar Panels that will be installed in 2023, and 30% of
Swara's capacity will be powered
by them.

Cleaner Air, Water, & Soil

Recognizing our responsibility as earth dwellers, we have made a significant investment in renewable energy
and waste management. We make the best quality products without damaging mother nature.

CSR initiatives

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives are integral to our mission as a business. We fund initiatives and organizations devoted to education, healthcare, and nation building.


We have donated for protection, medication and food facilities for cows in Kolkatta.

Ummed Health and Medicare Hospital

We contributed to helping them to open the hospital, especially in building the beds.

Jan Jagrati Sevarth Sansthan

We have donated to this organization to help them build schools for underprivileged children.

Round Table India Trust

We have donated to this humanitarian organization for employment generation and poverty eradication.

Clean water

Jan Jagrati Sevarth

Upliftment of the downtrodden is a duty of everyone capable of doing their bit. Swara Baby Products has contributed to Jan Jagrati Sevarth Sansthan, a humanitarian and public welfare organization, for employment generation and poverty eradication.


Round Table India Trust

Children are the future of our country. However, the difference in the quality of education provided to privileged and deprived children creates a gap in opportunities. We have contributed our bit to Round Table India Trust to help them build state-of-the-art schools for underprivileged children.

Medical Facilities

Ummed Hospital & Medical Hospital

The right to life and dignity is for everyone. Therefore, having a well-equipped hospital in every corner of the country is essential. We have supported Ummed Hospital & Medical Hospital to help them build the hospital, especially their beds.

Animal Welfare

Rajasthan Gokalyan

Cows hold a holy and pious status in Indian society. At Swara Baby Products, we understand that in our country, the cow has importance beyond economic reasons. Therefore, we have supported Rajasthan Gokalyan, a Non-Government Organization, in its endeavour to provide protection, medication, and food facilities for cows in Kolkatta.

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