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Baby Diapers That Make Hygiene Experience Pleasant


Bifold Baby Diapers

Efficient Diapers That Require Less Packing Space

Our machine’s built-in function aids in the production of bifold Baby diapers. These diapers take up less packing and total space and are more user-friendly. These Bifold Diapers are super soft, form-fitting and stretchy, so they’re easy to wear while still offering plenty of protection

Ultra-Thin Baby Diapers

Diapers That Offer Max Comfort & Protection

The ultra-thin, ultra-comfortable and extremely breathable baby diapers provide maximum comfort to the children. With their high breathability and characteristics, they are durable enough to prevent leakage or even chafing during wear. 



Thick Pad Baby Diapers

Super Absorbent Diapers Effective in Heavy Flows

The thick pad baby diapers are made of thick absorbent cushions. They offer maximum comfort and are highly effective in heavy flows. The breathable liner to protect your baby’s delicate skin. These diapers have beautiful finish and can be used anywhere. 

Add-On Features

Based On Specific Requirements, We Can Design The Product As

Zig Zag Technology
Up to 12-Hours Absorbance
360° Comfort
Additional Layer
Gel-Lock Technology
3D Leaf Guard
Snug-fit Flexible Waste Band